Sunday, December 25, 2005

Part one: Junior race

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Just think, while all of you were sitting around the Christmas tree opening presents the juniors were showing there teeth and sporting their wears in a crazy slick and very well attended (spectators) Belgian cyclocross race. Because no body has work on Christmas, the crowds were out in full force to support the racers. To start the race, Alex Howes managed to pull a sweet hole shot (first rider to reach the dirt section) out of his bag of tricks; tailed by team mate Danny. From the mouth of the beast, "It was pretty sick. There's nothing like showing these crazy Euros what happens when you give Americans a front row starting spot on a 500 meter starting straight with spectators packed 5 deep the whole way!" In the race, Bjorn and Alex road solid rides to finish 10th and 11th and Danny came across in 16th after a very hard and, honestly stupid, crash.

PS. They actually paid us money to race!!! A whole 7 euros.

Part two: The U23s get a well deserved rest day

Ahhh, the sun! Its a Christmas miracle. Finally, we get a sunny day in Belgium. Although he roads were still wet and muddy, Newt, Mitch, Baker and Brady went out for a good 2 hours. We followed some sweet 33 km route in a town that is about 10 km away. Total ride was somewhere around 50km or 30 miles. The pictures are of some of the beautiful countryside we found.

Up next for us is a race in Hofstead tomorrow. The race is a World Cup for the Elites, but not for us. Maybe it will be a little easier, yeah right!


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