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CLIF BAR kids' clinic at Louisville USGP

Summerhill 20th in second World Cup

On Sunday in Tabor, Czech Republic, TEAM CLIF BAR's Danny Summerhill finished a respectable 20th place after chasing hard all day to make up ground after two early pile-ups put him way back.

Danny's race report:

"Bjorn [Selander] got a really good start and I followed probably top 15 first corner then going through it someone crashed right in front of me sending me back a few places - then 300 meters later I got caught behind someone else who had crashed which put me almost last, so at that point I was pretty scared, and knew I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't step it up! (haha) I slowly started picking off riders and was able to get in a group of 2 czech riders and we we're coming up to what was basically the second pretty big group with Sinkeldom and Adams and I dropped my chain. Fast forwarding a few laps I finally caught the really big group by myself with 2 to go... And even though I know that I proved to have a lot of power to make it from almost last to top 20 I am still quite mad in general that I wasted sooooo much energy just making it up to that group because I feel like this course suited the 3 of us soo much more than most other people as it was very dry and reminded us a lot of a home race!!!"

Other then that I am working on not getting down on my self because I know this trip is for learning and january is for kicking ass but it is still a pain knowing I could have, from what I feel right now done a lot better!!!

USGP #1 & 2, Louisville, KY

TEAM CLIF BAR's Troy Wells and Brady Kappius put the team on the national radar this past weekend in Louisville, KY, at the first stop in the Crank Brothers' USGP of Cyclo-Cross Series.

On Saturday, Troy had perhaps his finest race as a Pro, finishing 4th, and Brady posted a 3rd place in the Under-23 competition (19th overall).

Sunday saw Troy go for broke driving the lead group early in the race, but he eventually faded to a 9th place finish. Brady stepped it up a notch and grabbed 2nd in the Under-23 field, and took over the USGP Leader's Jersey. CLIF BAR riders have now held the USGP Leader's Jersey every year since 2004.

Boulder Reservoir

On sunday was one of my favorite races the Boulder Reservoir. I started of in the 3rd row, after the start i was like 15 or so. I moved up slowly till the long sand pit were you had to run through. After that i was 10th place about and than i got into a group where we were fighting for 7th place. After i while people went out front and i dropped back slowly. I was fighting so hard to stay in the group on the long straight away i got dropped and when it got more technically i got closer again like at the sand pit and at the corners. At one point i never caught back up and i got slower and slower. I was fighting now for 12 place I tried my hardest for the last 2 laps I saw one guy coming from the back closer and closer. I kept on hammering but the other guy was just hammering it more. In the last 1.5 k to that guys past me. I didn't even have a chance to try to stick with him because he was just flying by me. So when i crossed the finish line like 15 seconds behind i was really tired. I got 13th again like the weekend before. I am really pleased with myself because I am still so young and i can ride with the pro's.
I just hope i can keep this up till nationals.

Ben Turner (He got everything under control) :-)
Race Results from the Clif Bar development Team

In the cat.3: Danny Hiller- Had a strong race but he flatted a few laps to go and dropped out.
In the Pro1,2: Andrew Barker-30th
Cody Cox-24th
Robin Eckmann-19th
Yannick Eckmann-13th
In the Juniors 13-14: Zane Godby got 1st place

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