Monday, August 05, 2013

Montana Cross Camp Update

Hello readers,
It has been awhile since anyone has posted. My name is Liam Dunn, this is the first time that I have posted, I'm relatively new to Clif Bar. I race junior men 17-18. Anyway, I wanted to give everyone an update of the off season training that Maxx, Garrett, and I have been doing. The three of us just got back from Geoff Proctor's USA development Camp in Helena Montana. Cross camp had a deep roster, 17 of the best U18 cross racers in the states. Camp was hard but it was super fun and a good refresher of our skills. The first day we arrived around 8 pm, and everyone's bikes made it to Helena, except mine. This meant that I would be waking up early the next morning to build my bike, because it wouldn't get in until midnight. Camp consisted of 4 sessions each day. Starting at 5:30 am running, core, stairs, and agility ladders. Then we would do a 3 hour cross ride focusing on different skills. We would play games, have competitions on the "Sven Climb" and do little races.In the afternoon we would do 3 hour road rides, climbing into the mountains and crossing the Continental Divide multiple times in one day. Then after dinner we would have a 2 hour long class room session analyzing the European cross races. Camp was super fun and helped us all analyze where our skills were at and what we needed to focus on. On the very last day we went the ice cream shop in downtown Helena. Maxx, Garrett, David, and I split the "Super Nova," which consisted of 2 brownies, 6 scoops of ice cream, and 6 toppings. All in All, camp was amazing and I would like to thank Geoff and the assistant coaches for everything, we all had a blast and learned more about cross than we knew possible.

Below are a picture of the "Super Nova" and an early morning in the dorms
Here is the link to Tom Robertson's Gallery
A video from camp will be uploaded shortly

Thanks for reading, Liam Dunn.

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