Monday, September 12, 2011

CLIF BAR Team Camp

During the last week of August all the team members came to Boulder Colorado for a team training camp. It was a chance for us all to get our beautiful new bikes all dialed and get some good miles in on them before 'cross season gets in full swing. Also it gave us opportunity to spend some time with each other, some team bonding if you will... Below are some photos to give you a peak into how it all went down.

Getting the new bikes all built up for the guys.

Next we all went to RETUL to get our bikes fitted. They have a really cool system for fitting. Lots of cameras, infra red lights, and 3D imaging. Here we see Curtis getting strung with infra red lights 

Todd Carver from RETUL Working his magic

Practicing 'cross out at Valmont bike park

The "Sand Pit"

No 'cross camp would be complete without some run-ups!

Team photo shoot at Valmont 

More photo shooting...

 In between everything you saw in the pictures above we were out logging some miles on the new bikes and we were all having to much fun on the new mounts to take any pictures.

Well that's it for now. Be sure to check back soon as the race season gets underway!

Thanks for reading,

Kolben Preble

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