Monday, October 07, 2013

Providence Cyclocross Festival

Last weekend was the first UCI junior race of the season.
The trip Started out with a short Visit to the MET school in Providence where the team chatted about cyclocross, the race, and What the life of a mechanic is like. We also wooed the crowed with our fantastic pit changes, wheelies, and oh ya... Human barriers.

The first day was super dry and tacky which mad for fast group racing until a three up sprint decided the podium. I finished up 5th and grabbed 1 UCI point. liam was 9th garrett was 14th and cormac was 16th.

After some great racing we celebrated with some Thai food and Ice cream and Liam took some great selfies via snap chat.

The second Day started out terrible because I could not get a wink of sleep due to unbelievable stomach pains, but thankfully Myron had some Tea that calmed my stomach so i could race. 
the course was very similar to the day before except it was covered in super slick mud! this made for some sweet racing! I finished up 8th, Garrett 12th Liam 13th Cormac 21st.
All and all it was a super fun start to the season.
Next up is Boulder Cup this weekend before I fly out two the first two world cups with team USA

Thanks for reading,
Until Next time!
-Maxx Chance

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