Monday, October 17, 2016

The Fuel

CLIF Bar has been the title sponsor of the team since day 1. While some of the products have been staples for years like the Chocolate Chip CLIF Bar, they have recently added some new products that have changed the game.

Everyone on the team is beyond excited to receive support from the biggest nutrition bar company in the game. Not only do they make great products, but they also lead the charge in terms of sustainable on environmentally friendly business practices. In thanks for the support we receive from CLIF Bar, we try to do our part at the races to reduce our impact on the earth. After the races when everyone else is going home, the team will stay behind to make sure all trash/recyclables were properly sorted at the race venue. This helps instill valuable life lessons on the value of sustainability, and the impact just a few simple efforts can have on the environment.

In order to help our readers get acquainted with the CLIF Bar Product line, we outlined our favorites below!

CLIF Nut Butter Filled Bar - Coconut Almond Butter

This product is new in the last few months and has been in our jersey pockets on every ride since we started testing them back in March. The almond butter adds sustainable energy to the classic CLIF Bar. One bar per hour of activity is a good rule of thumb

CLIF Organic Energy Food - Banana Beet With Ginger

This is another new product from CLIF Bar this year. It is an excellent way to get an instant energy boost during any type of activity. Additionally, the nitric oxide in the beets helps increase blood flow to your muscles. Pro Tip - These are an excellent substitute for maple syrup on pancakes.

CLIF Shot Energy Gel - Double Espresso

In the last 5 years we haven’t started a race without eating one of these beforehand. Many riders pre-race ritual is to eat one of these 10min before the start of any race to help them go full gas for the first 30 min. These are also perfect for the end of a long road race.

CLIF Bloks Energy Chews - Cran - Razz

These are a go to for a mid race snack. Open a pack and shove them in your skinsuit during every race over 30 minutes. Once the race hits the 30 minute mark try to eat a few blocks every 10-15 min, this helps insure that you won’t bonk.

CLIF Hydration Electrolyte Drink - Lemon Lime Aid

Perfect for every training ride or a hot race. Our riders usually do 1 bottle of water and 1 bottle of mix. Helps you stay hydrated!

CLIF Recovery Protein Drink - Chocolate

Last but not least, never forget your recovery drink. This is a staple for your post ride routine.  Pro Tip- add to a banana/strawberry smoothies for a tasty recovery drink.

Thanks for reading this week's post, be sure to check in next Monday!

-CLIF Bar Team

TEAM CLIF BAR is working to fight climate change