Sunday, December 25, 2011

Euro Cross Camp Update

Hello World,

Its been awhile since we updated this thing but I will try to give you a quick rundown of whats been happening. After Louisville, the next team race was the Bend USGP everybody except Curtis made the trip, and we had a pretty good showing. The following week (December 15) Spencer, Curtis, Jordan, Zane and me (Kolben) all went to Belgium for the ninth edition of Geoff Proctors Euro Cross Camp. That brings us to the present...
We all have been here for about a week and a half now, and we have a little under one week to go. Its been a good trip so far with fairly nice weather, lots of mud, and we are getting tons of great experience, plus a few good results.
One of our jobs here at the camp is to write a diary on one day of the camp. So far Curtis, Spencer, and Kolben have all written one, and they can be found:




We encourage you to read them, as they are meant to shed light onto what it is like to train, race, and live in Belgium.

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