Friday, November 22, 2013

Help us get to Europe!

We are doing our annual team trip to Europe and need your help to get there!
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jingle Cross Rock 2013

Last weekend the Clif bar development cross team traveled to Iowa City for the 2013 edition of Jingle Cross Rock. My brother and I were the only 17-18 year olds to go because the two 18 year olds (Maxx and Gerret) had to go on college visits. Brady on the elite team, Ian from the u23 team, and our mechanics Myron and Zane also joined. We arrived the day before the race on Thursday and did a short easy ride before the sun went down.  We  went to bed early and  got lots of sleep. The next day we went to the course early and sent up the  tent area. Next we pre rode the course will CLIF Bar company rider Terra.  After that Cormac and I got ready for our races. I raced the 2's and he raced the 3's , our first ever night time races.. I had last row call up in the 2's, but had a great start and battled this guy all night, and I out sprinted him for the win. Saturday we raced the juniors really early. I took the win in a not so competitive race over Cormac but gained lots of experience on the course, which I am told is one of the most European courses in the US. Sunday I decided to race both the juniors and the 2's for experience in the mud. I won the juniors again and practiced my pitting almost twice every lap. The 2's was a different story, I had last call up again but had a bad start and never could catch up. The group of 4 leaders we saving their energy while I struggled in the wind. I picked a few guys off every lap but ran out of time and managed 5th. However I gained lots of experience in the mud. 
 Struggling in Sundays wind on my way to 5th in he cat 2's

 Cormac rides the railroad track

Top of the podium for Fridays night race in the cat 2's

Brady doing what he does best on Thursdays easy ride

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