Monday, October 06, 2014

Seasons First Blog Post! - Providence Cyclocross Festival

Wow- that was an eyeopener. This weekend I traveled with the elite team to providence, RI for my favorite race of the year, the Providence Cyclocross Festival in Roger Williams Park for the UCI junior men 17-18. The course is one of the best designed courses in the states, and the fall weather is perfect for cross with the occasional downpour.  Troy Wells and I arrived early so that we could go on school visits on friday. We went the the same school this year, and talked to the highschoolers about the opportunities cycling has to offer and the places it takes you. The crowd favorite was troy bunny-hopping the principal. Later that day we pre-road the demanding course and opened up our legs for the next 2 days of racing. Race day quickly arrived and it was game time. With the forecast showing a 50% chance of rain for our race, and the start being dry, I started on Challenge Chicanes with my Pit bike having Limus mud tires. I had a terrible start and started picking my way through the field, but I just didn't have the legs that day. The skies opened up midway through the race and I switched bikes to mud tires. The mud gave me an advantage but it was too late. I ended  up 14th. Sundays race was a bit different. I had 2nd to last call up, but had a great start and moved into the lead group within the first lap. While duking in out with another rider through the chicane section of the course, I was pushed into a post and went down hard losing my chance at a strong finish. I fought hard for the rest of the race, but it was over. I ended up 15th on the day. Even though I was disappointed with my finishes, it was the first race of the year and a good benchmark to go off of. There is plenty of time for improvements in the next month before the Pan Am Championships. A big thanks to all of our sponsors for helping me get here so far! Check back in frequently for more blog posts!

-Liam Dunn
                                                            Sundays race was HOT!
Photo Cred- Pete Banach - Spokenshutter Photography

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