Wednesday, January 07, 2009

1/03/2009 Lyons cross

Well this past weekend there was one last cyclocross race of the season right out side of Boulder in Lyons, same place where States were last year but different course. I was looking forward to one more race but was not too sure how I was going to feel, since it was my second time touching my bike since nationals which was about 2 weeks ago. Got to the race early to check it out and make sure my bike was still working from nationals. Pre-riding the course got me excited to race, it was a really cool course. With a steep run up and a barrier, little drop/roller, pump-ish section and a steep mound of dirt all made for a sweet course.

At the start line I think everybody had at least one goat head in there tire and was hoping for the best. The weather was nice and cold in the high 20's i think, cold enough. Though I had a really bad start getting cought behind a wreck on the steep run up falling back about 20seconds or so. After I got threw the mess I caught a group of two and sat with them for a while till pulling threw to try and catch Brady, Mitch and Pacocha. By the time I caught up to there group Mitch was off the front and Brady was spinning out on his single speed. So i decided to sit for a while and attack on the flat. Though I never did catch Mitch, who finished a good 10-15 seconds ahead of me I was able to hold on to second with a good 30-40 seconds on third. So the team finished up 1st and 2nd. Not too bad to start off the new year. With that two week rest I felt so rested and relaxed it seemed to help a lot. Mountain flyer did and article on the race at: Mountain Flyer Magazine

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