Saturday, September 27, 2008

Boulder series #1

Today was one of my hardest races, it was a boulder series out in Interlocken. Interlocken is one of my least favorite races because of the deep grass. I was in the first row next to my brother. We where so ready to rock. When the gun went off Robin and I took of as fast as we could Robin got the whole shot and I was right behind him. We had a gap of 10 seconds about after the first lap we kept that up for another 3 laps but than our energy went went away a little. First Robin dropped back to third place and than I did a lap later. So it was Robin and another guy and me up in the lead. Our gap to fourth place got bigger and bigger. The last 3 laps it was only me and the other guy my brother got dropped but he was only 10 seconds behind us. So the next 5 laps i let the other guy with me lead the whole time i just reserved my energy for the last 100 meters. One lap he said go up and pull because the third place got closer and closer to us it wasn't my brother any more it was somebody else. But i didn't go up i just let him lead the whole time. So it came into the last lap still in second place right behind first places wheel. I just waited until the second of last corner because I knew when i don't do it after the second of last corner i won't win. So i tried i went from the outside and cut the corner perfectly so i ended up right next to him and i sprinted so i got a gap and in the last corner i knew i was going to win so i got my self ready to put my hands up. When i put my hands up i just pointed 3 fingers on each side to show that i won three times already.  I was s tired after the race so i sat on the grass to catch my breath again. It was so fun the race but o hard to. That was maybe my last time racing Cat.3 because they might upgrade me now. But oh well i can still do good in 2 when i have to race it

2nd win in Golden

So the next weekend after Breckenridge I thought about the next race i will do. I raced Green Mountain because it was the only race on the weekend. So before i started i looked at the course carefully. The first section after the start was the hardest and it was pretty narrow. So i thought i need to get the whole shot. So i did and after the first lap i was 15 seconds ahead so i kept on cruising and next lap it was at 25 seconds. Each lap the gap got bigger and bigger. At the last lap it was up to 50 seconds so i took it easy in the last lap. So when i finished the gap was even higher it was up to a minute again. So after the race i watched the pro race so i can see how good i need to be there because i might have to race in there sooner or later this season.
So my goals now get bigger and bigger each race now.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cross Vegas

Not too bad out at the Cross Vegas road/cross race. TEAM CLIF BAR was representing, with Troy in 18th and Brady in 35th. Check out for some photos of Troy in the new TCB team kit.

Monday, September 22, 2008

9/20 Results - Green Mountain Sports Cross #1

The CLIF BAR Development Team and TEAM CLIF BAR posted strong early season results last weekend, at the first race in the Green Mountain Sports series.

In the Cat. 4 race, new CLIF Devo team member Zane Godby rode to a great 3rd place result, and teammate Zack Gould took a break from Middle School football to race as well.

In the Cat. 3 race, 15-yr old Yannick Eckmann won his second race in a row, and rookie Dave Kessler impressed with 13th place.

In the Open race, CLIF Devo team alum and current TEAM CLIF BAR rider Brady Kappius tuned up for Cross Vegas with an awesome 5th place. Devo team U23 rookies Mitch Hoke and Colin Cares traded in the wide knobbies they're used to and punched in for their first 'cross race - and did just fine with a solid 12th and 13th place respectively.

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