Saturday, September 27, 2008

2nd win in Golden

So the next weekend after Breckenridge I thought about the next race i will do. I raced Green Mountain because it was the only race on the weekend. So before i started i looked at the course carefully. The first section after the start was the hardest and it was pretty narrow. So i thought i need to get the whole shot. So i did and after the first lap i was 15 seconds ahead so i kept on cruising and next lap it was at 25 seconds. Each lap the gap got bigger and bigger. At the last lap it was up to 50 seconds so i took it easy in the last lap. So when i finished the gap was even higher it was up to a minute again. So after the race i watched the pro race so i can see how good i need to be there because i might have to race in there sooner or later this season.
So my goals now get bigger and bigger each race now.

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