Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Zack Gould's Language Arts class speech

What is global cooling? We all know what global warming is. Today I am going to tell you about global cooling. Global cooling is mostly trying to stop global warming. We can start global cooling by riding our bikes or walking to school, instead of taking a car which releases pollution into the atmosphere decreasing the ozone making it hotter.

Who likes snow? I sure do! So by starting global cooling we can have more snow days. Another way to start global cooling is to recycle and compost. By doing this we can reuse our natural resources instead of dumping it into a landfill and have to use up more energy to create paper and bottles. To help global cooling we can put solar panels on the top of our houses to get energy from the sun instead of Xcel Energy.

I ride for CLIF BAR Development CX Team (a cycling team) which promotes global cooling. CLIF BAR is one of the sponsors which supports global cooling.

-Zack Gould, age 12

TEAM CLIF BAR is working to fight climate change