Monday, October 17, 2016

The Fuel

CLIF Bar has been the title sponsor of the team since day 1. While some of the products have been staples for years like the Chocolate Chip CLIF Bar, they have recently added some new products that have changed the game.

Everyone on the team is beyond excited to receive support from the biggest nutrition bar company in the game. Not only do they make great products, but they also lead the charge in terms of sustainable on environmentally friendly business practices. In thanks for the support we receive from CLIF Bar, we try to do our part at the races to reduce our impact on the earth. After the races when everyone else is going home, the team will stay behind to make sure all trash/recyclables were properly sorted at the race venue. This helps instill valuable life lessons on the value of sustainability, and the impact just a few simple efforts can have on the environment.

In order to help our readers get acquainted with the CLIF Bar Product line, we outlined our favorites below!

CLIF Nut Butter Filled Bar - Coconut Almond Butter

This product is new in the last few months and has been in our jersey pockets on every ride since we started testing them back in March. The almond butter adds sustainable energy to the classic CLIF Bar. One bar per hour of activity is a good rule of thumb

CLIF Organic Energy Food - Banana Beet With Ginger

This is another new product from CLIF Bar this year. It is an excellent way to get an instant energy boost during any type of activity. Additionally, the nitric oxide in the beets helps increase blood flow to your muscles. Pro Tip - These are an excellent substitute for maple syrup on pancakes.

CLIF Shot Energy Gel - Double Espresso

In the last 5 years we haven’t started a race without eating one of these beforehand. Many riders pre-race ritual is to eat one of these 10min before the start of any race to help them go full gas for the first 30 min. These are also perfect for the end of a long road race.

CLIF Bloks Energy Chews - Cran - Razz

These are a go to for a mid race snack. Open a pack and shove them in your skinsuit during every race over 30 minutes. Once the race hits the 30 minute mark try to eat a few blocks every 10-15 min, this helps insure that you won’t bonk.

CLIF Hydration Electrolyte Drink - Lemon Lime Aid

Perfect for every training ride or a hot race. Our riders usually do 1 bottle of water and 1 bottle of mix. Helps you stay hydrated!

CLIF Recovery Protein Drink - Chocolate

Last but not least, never forget your recovery drink. This is a staple for your post ride routine.  Pro Tip- add to a banana/strawberry smoothies for a tasty recovery drink.

Thanks for reading this week's post, be sure to check in next Monday!

-CLIF Bar Team

Monday, October 10, 2016

Want to see us? Here's the Schedule

CLIF BAR Development Cyclocross Team 2016/2017 Season Schedule:

We consider this to be the beginning of the our cyclocross season. We have all gotten the chance to test our equipment and legs at some practice races. Now it's time for the big show! Curious what races we will be targeting this season? Check out the breakdown below. In the area for one of these races? Stop by the CLIF tent and mention our blog for a free CLIF BAR sample!

US Open of Cyclocross - 10/15/16:
Our race schedule kicks off this upcoming weekend with the US Open in Boulder, Colorado. This is one of our favorite races out of the CX schedule because it is a wicked fast course around valmont bike park. For most of our riders this the home course. A location that many of our riders frequently use as training grounds, all of our riders are familiar with this venue.
Recommended Challenge Tires: Chicane rear, Baby Limus front

Collegiate MTB nationals - 10/22/16
After the US Open, two of our riders will be headed to Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia to compete in the Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships. Liam Earl will be helping his Colorado Mesa University fight to win the division 1 omnium title. Garrett will be helping CU Boulder find a top spot in the division 2 omnium competition.

Pan American Championships - 10/29/16
Next on the CX schedule is a trip to the Cincinnati for the Pan American Championships. Perhaps the fastest races in North America, highly valuable UCI points will be be up for grabs for both juniors and U23 riders. Challenging courses and talented riders makes for some of the best cx racing in America. The guys love this course and are ready to throw elbows with the best.
Recommended Challenge Tires: Baby Limus front and rear

Louisville Derby City Cup - 11/5/16
After Cincy some of our racers will be heading to Louisville, KY to compete in this classic American Cyclocross race. With a fast, flat, and technical course, racing will be extra exciting for spectators. This former world championship course is sure to produce some spectacular crashes!
Recommended Challenge Tires: Fango front and rear

CXLA - 11/19/16
Our fourth major cyclocross even will be CXLA in California. The U23 riders especially like this race as it is one of the few UCI races that provides a U23 specific category. Gives the guys an ample opportunity to rack up some UCI points and a better ranking for nationals, as well as the european races. This race is crucial to being selected for World Cup races in Europe, as well a front row start at nationals. Having good fitness a CXLA gives you a good idea of how you’re going to stack up in the races to come.
Recommended Challenge Tires: Baby Limus front and rear

Nationals - 1/7/17
Last but certainly not least we will be traveling Hartford, CT for the US Cyclocross National Championships. From single speed to elite men, everyone of our riders will be fighting for the stars and stripes jersey in their respective disciplines. We will be fielding riders in every age group; 17-18, U23, and pro. Some of our riders will also be competing in the Collegiate National Championships as well in both division 1 and division 2. Recommended Challenge Tires: Undecided

See you at the races! - CLIF BAR Team

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

2016 / 2017 Season - What We are Riding

First of all, welcome back to the CLIF BAR Development Team blog. This season we will be posting new blogs every Monday, so be sure to check in frequently. In this blog post we will be going over the equipment that we use and abuse. This is the equipment that keeps us running, so thanks for the support from our sponsors. We couldn’t do it without them!

Frame -
This is our 4th season on the Niner BSB RDO. 4 years ago we partnered with Niner when they first released the BSB. With slight updates each year, Niner has really hit the nail on the head with this bike. Stiff, lightweight, race geometry, and mud clearance. All we could ever want in a bike. (@ninerbikes #pedaldamnit)

Drivetrain -
We have been working with Sram since the team was founded in 2003. We will be using Sram’s most advanced cyclocross groupset, Force CX1. 1x drivetrains combined with hydraulic braking is perfect for cross. (@sramroad)

Wheelsets -

The Development team will be on Kappius Components wheelsets this season. We will be racing on the tubular version of the KW-2 wheelset. These Wheels are completely designed in house by our very own Brady Kappius. 240 points of engagement makes for wicked fast accelerations out of corners. (@kappiuscomponents #rollonkappius)

Tires -
Once again we will be racing on Challenge Handmade Tires. During races we will be on Team Edition Tubulars, while we will train on Grifo Open Tubulars. The team travels with extra wheelsets with treads ranging from Chicane to Limus. This gives us the flexibility to pick the right tire for the conditions. My favorite tire for muddy races is the Limus T.E. at 20psi front and 21psi rear. (@challengetires #tireswinraces #yourchallenge)

Crankbrothers has been one of our partners from the beginning, known for being the best mud shedding pedals on the market. While we have the option to pick between Eggbeaters or Candy models, most of us run the candy for the increased platform.  (@crankbrothers #weridecb)

Lube/Tools/Cleaners -
Pedro’s has stocked the team with lube for every condition. We have 5+ different lubes to pick from depending on the conditions and then have plenty of Cleaner to keep the bikes working well and looking good. The mechanics also use Pedro’s tools for all of the bike maintenance.  (@pedrosbikecare)

Helmets/Shoes -
Giro is once again protecting our heads this year. The team will be running the Synthe MIPS helmet. The Synthe is stylish, aero, and safe. We will also be using the Giro Empire VR90 shoes. These shoes are incredibly stiff, light, and have the ability to add spikes for icy conditions! (@girocycling)

Capo is another sponsor whom we have worked with for many years. They will be keeping us warm when riding on the trainer isn’t an option. We will be decked out from head to toe in some of the nicest clothing out there, including thermal skinsuits. ( @capocycling #capocycling)

Embro/Skincare -
Doc’s Skin Care will be providing us with everything from embro to sunscreen. With a wide variety of products, our legs will never get cold, even if it’s snowing. (@docskincare)

Massage -
The original Rad Roller may be one of the most important things in our suitcases. The Rad Roller is small enough that it can fit anywhere and provides some of the best post race recovery. We never travel without them. (@radroller #radroller)

Thanks for reading! - CLIF BAR Development Team

Monday, November 30, 2015

UCI Juniors Pro CX series - Nic Jenkins

This fall I've been all over the country following the UCI Juniors series in the US, which included the Pan-American Championships in Cincy. The first races were in between Colorado High School MTB races, which made travelling and racing in general super busy. In Providence and Boulder, I became more familiar with the ridiculous fast starts and high pace of some of the fastest juniors in the world, which most definitely helped my fitness for MTB state champs in the end of October. When that time came around, I was physically prepared and scored a 2nd place in Varsity boys. I was also 2nd at MTB nationals this summer, so I'm hungry for a W sometime in the future.

      The next races were Cincy, Louisville, and LA. I improved a lot over the weeks in between and managed to finish 11th and 14th for the two days in Cincy. The Pan-American course was as close to a European course as you could get with some serious off camber, mud, and steep run ups. Unfortunately, I was sick for the Louisville trip, but learned a lot from the previous weekend.

      A few weeks later, it was time to shift to the heat in LA and finally score some UCI points. Since only 11 guys raced both days, I knew this was my shot to mix it up with the leaders and podium. On Day 1, I found myself in 4th early on and chased hard the whole race, only to get within 3 seconds of 3rd on the last lap until I washed out in a corner of pine needles, which were abundant in literally every corner. On Day 2, I was 3rd off the start and made it a priority to stay with 2nd as long as possible. I succeeded in this, going out onto the last lap with the 2nd and 3rd place riders. I tried to make a move to go into 2nd but got the "door shut" on me. At this point, I didn't have much of a kick left, and the two slowly rode away; however, I was less than a minute from first in the end. The bumps throughout the course sucked all the energy out of your upper body and hands. Overall, this event was a huge confidence-booster, and I scored some valuable UCI points to solidify my call up at nationals in January in Asheville, NC.

      My equipment this season has been flawless, especially the SRAM CX1 system, kappius tubular rims with challenge tires, capo cycling and giro cycling apparel, and of course, oakley sunglasses. Now that the conditions are getting worse with winter on the horizon, I'm super excited to race in some mud, snow, ice, and whatever other conditions you can do a cross race in :).

Cheers and happy trails!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Video: CLIF Organic Energy Food Sweet Flavors

Have you tried CLIF Organic Energy food yet?

Video: CLIF Organic Energy Food Sweet Flavors

Have you tried the two fruit flavors yet? Banana Beet with Ginger and Banana Mango with Coconut are inspired from the recipes of Team CLIF Bar athletes.
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CLIFCast: Nutrition Strategies for a Successful...

Listen Up. The CLIF Bar CLIFCast is out with nutrition strategies to get you to the finish line.

CLIFCast: Nutrition Strategies for a Successful...

Practical tips and advice on how best to eat & drink during marathon weekend
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Garret Gerchar - Pan American Championships

Last weekend I traveled to Cincinnati to race the CincyCx race and The Pan American Championships. I was excited to finally travel to a cx race after only doing local cx races or collegiate mountain bike races earlier in the season. I just got back from collegiate mountain bike nationals that Monday but packed up on Friday and headed to Cincinnati. It was an early flight and was a little out of it, forgetting to empty my water bottles through security and then forgetting myheadphones at home. It was a long flight with a layover and knew I wouldn’t get through it with out my music so I picked up a pair of headphones in the airport and was on my way to Cincinnati. Arrived in Cincinnati and met up with Troy and we got a rental car and headed to our host house. After arriving we met with our host Scott and he told us about a good ride we should do to spin out our legs, we tried to load the file on my Garmin but it didn’t work so we tried using a print out turn by turn direction of the route, we followed the route for a little bit but realized it was going to get dark soon so we found a bike path and rode that for a while till we headed home. It started to get dark soon but luckily Myron had lights for us and Troy had his reflective capo kit, so riding the roads at night we were visible and made it back to the house safe and sound. The next day was the Cincy cx race, I had raced here before two years ago and was excited to race in the pro field.

The race was in the evening so most of the day was spent lying around and relaxing getting ready to race. When race time finally came we headed to the venue. I got pinned up in the tent and went our and warmed up with a quick pre-ride and then found my way into a neighborhood to do some openers. After all that the race was off, I had a poor call-up but was able to make up a few spots at the start but was playing catch up for the race, slowly moved my way up until I found a rhythm and sat in at a good pace. Slowed down towards the end of the race but finished with some power in my legs feeling ready for tomorrows Pan American Championships. Post race me and troy went to chipotle and got a burrito to help recover and get some protein. After a goodnight sleep I was feeling rested and ready for Pan Ams. This race was earlier than the last one so had to change up my eating habits from the day earlier. Had a big thing of scrambled eggs for breakfast and then some leftover pasta with meat sauce for lunch before heading to the venue, where Myron drove me out there. Once again pinned up my skin-suit and got on course for a pre-ride, unfortunately this time the UCI officials shut down the course before I could finish the last part of the course. Luckily it didn’t affect my race. After that I did some openers on the rode and then headed to the start. Rode around the start for a little while after they postponed the race. Then finally we started. I didn’t have my best start but was able to make up a lot of places on an off-camber running section.

            After that I was able to hold my place only having a few people pass me. The legs felt good and I was able to keep pushing hard until the last two laps. I was able to ride the off-camber every lap and was feeling really good technically.

The race was hard and last lap I was toning down a little bit and was holding on to 15th position last lap and was riding the descent well trying to keep any competition off me because I could tell the legs were slowing down after yesterdays full race and the start of the race today.

On the last lap I had 15th in the bag or so I thought until a rider came up behind me. I knew I had a little punch left in my legs so I put in the power and tried to hold him off, Luckily for me I was putting some time into him and rode a very tricky off camber in front of him and he ended up crashing, locking me into 15th position and giving me my first UCI point of my U23 racing carrier.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Alex Loves the Fall!

Alex, has had a bit of a delayed start to his cyclocross season. For good reason though! He has been out chasing singletrack, trying to get that last bit of glorious fall weather. Alex Finished up third in the Highschool Mountainbike series this fall. Congrats Alex! Expect to see Alex out tearing up some Colorado CX courses later this fall as the weather turns cold and wet. In the meantime here are some pictures Alex wanted to share from his singletrack shred session.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Video: CLIF Organic Trail Mix - Dark Chocolate...

Check it out. CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bars have the energy you need for your next adventure.

Video: CLIF Organic Trail Mix - Dark Chocolate...

The energy you need for your next adventure.
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