Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Garrett Gets The Whole Shot! Missoula ProXCT

image5.JPGThis weekend the team traveled to Missoula for the Missoula XC pro XCT, one of the best XC races on the pro XCT calendar, it is a typical ski resort race with a steep climb and blazing decent. This race was a major goal for the team to perform well and get the ever-valuable UCI points for call-ups and qualifications to world cups. Having key races in the calendar is one of the best ways to stay motivated to continue to train as hard as you can. These key races can do two things; go great and show you how much your training has paid off, or go poorly and light the fire to push you to train harder. Both outcomes can help you become a faster racer always looking to take lessons from the races on what you need to approve on as well show you what you’ve already mastered. Using goals in training is the best way to keep motivation high, besides having fun with your training and racing. Having the team all together to push each other to train and race harder as well as keep you laughing throughout a stressful race weekend.






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Garrett Gerchar

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