2015 CLIF BAR Development Cyclocross Team

U23 -
Name: Liam Dunn
Nickname: Wonder Twin
Age: 18
Height: 183cm
Weight: 63.5 kg
Born: Denver, Colorado
Strengths: Mud
Other Hobbies: Photography, Surfing, Napping 
How did you start racing cyclocross: I was racing road full time and I was looking for something in the offseason to keep me in shape. Once I found cross I was hooked.
Favorite Cross Course: Superprestige Diegem
Favorite Clif Products:  Berry Pomegranate Chia, Organic Energy Food.
Greatest sporting influence: Twin Brother 
3 of your best results:  
1st - 2014 CXLA UCI Day 1
3rd - 2014 CXLA UCI Day 2
24th - 2014 Superprestiege Diegem

Name: Garrett Gerchar
Nickname: GG2.0
Age: 19
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65.7kg
Born: Boulder, Colorado
Strengths: Downhills, and off camber 
Other Hobbies: Hiking, Skateboarding, Camping 
How did you start racing cyclocross: Middle school bike club teacher got me started on a loaner bike and after I did it once and saw how fun it was couldn't stop.  
Favorite Cross Course: Zolder
Favorite Clif Bar: Chocolate Chip Clif bar, Trail Mix Mojo Bar, Chocolate Recovery Mix, Banana Mango Coconut Organic Energy Food. 
Greatest sporting influence: Gellwoody
2nd - 2014 MTB Nationals cat 1 17-18
46th - 2014 MTB World Championships
38th -2013 UCI World Cup Zolder 

Name: Kolben Preble
Nickname: Kolby Jack
Age: 19
Height: 187cm
Weight: 74.84kg
Born: Portland, Oregon
Strengths: Mud, Ice, Cold, Wet
Other Hobbies: Skiing, Trucks, Merica
How did you start racing cyclocross: I watched my cousin race the 2004 national championships. Looked like fun and I've been hooked ever since.
Favorite Cross Course: Muddy Alpenrose Dairy
Favorite Clif Bar: CLIF kids Z-Bar
Favorite flavor of Shot Blocks: Tropical
Greatest sporting influence: Everyone who enjoys riding a bike. I always like to see people doing what they love.
3 of your best cross results:
2nd - Delores CX Elite Men
5th - Cross Crusade Elite Men
9th - U23 Cyclocross Nats 

Name: Cormac Dunn
Nickname: Big Mac
Age: 18
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Born: Denver Colorado
Strengths: Impressing women , ride ups, sand pits, cornering
Other Hobbies: Skiing, impressing women, frolfing
How did you start racing cyclocross: I started racing cyclocross as a way to stay fit and strong over the winter. I started off on a brand new team called the mudskippers. From then on it was just a great way to have fun and suffer.
Favorite Cross Course: USGP Fort Collins
Favorite Clif Bar: Gary's Panforte
Favorite flavor of Shot Blocks: Raspberry
3 of your best cross results: 
13th - 2013 Cyclocross Nationals 
6th - Senior Men 3 Interlocken
1st - Senior Men 4 USGP Fort Collins 

Junior Men -

Name: Nicholas (Nic) Jenkins
Nickname: Jenks

Age: 16
Height: 179cm
Weight: 63 kg
Born: Denver, Colorado
Strengths: Climbing, dry racing, technical sections
Other Hobbies: Playing the trumpet, running, skiing, traveling, school 
How did you start racing cyclocross: 4 years ago, my neighbor got my brother and I to try it out, and soon enough we were racing the whole season and at nationals.
Favorite Cross Course: UCI Cincy Kings Island in Mason, OH.
Favorite Clif Products: Strawberry and tropical blocks, citrus gel, and white chocolate macadamia.
Greatest sporting influence: Todd Wells, multi-time MTB and CX National Champion and Olympian in 2004, 2008, and 2012.
Best results: 
1st - 2013 U15 juniors STXC Nationals 
2nd - 2013 U15 juniors XC Nationals
4th - 2014 Cat 1 15-16 XC Nationals
7th - 2015 Cat 1 15-18 STXC Nationals 
2nd - 2015 Cat 1 15-16 XC Nationals
11th - 2015 UCI Juniors race Cincy Day 1
4th - 2015 UCI Juniors race CXLA Day 1 and 2

Name: Alex Campbell
Nick name: Skinny
Age: 15
Height: 180cm 
Weight: 58 Kg
Born: Denver, Colorado
Strengths: Extended climbing, steep hills
Favorite Course: Louisville CO.
Other Hobbies: Skiing
How did you start racing cross? My brother started racing so I had to give it a try.
Greatest Sporting Influence: Ryan Campbell
Best results: 
4th - 2015 MTB Nationals 15-18 cat 2
6th -Colorado State Champs.

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