Monday, October 27, 2008

Boulder Reservoir

On sunday was one of my favorite races the Boulder Reservoir. I started of in the 3rd row, after the start i was like 15 or so. I moved up slowly till the long sand pit were you had to run through. After that i was 10th place about and than i got into a group where we were fighting for 7th place. After i while people went out front and i dropped back slowly. I was fighting so hard to stay in the group on the long straight away i got dropped and when it got more technically i got closer again like at the sand pit and at the corners. At one point i never caught back up and i got slower and slower. I was fighting now for 12 place I tried my hardest for the last 2 laps I saw one guy coming from the back closer and closer. I kept on hammering but the other guy was just hammering it more. In the last 1.5 k to that guys past me. I didn't even have a chance to try to stick with him because he was just flying by me. So when i crossed the finish line like 15 seconds behind i was really tired. I got 13th again like the weekend before. I am really pleased with myself because I am still so young and i can ride with the pro's.
I just hope i can keep this up till nationals.

Ben Turner (He got everything under control) :-)
Race Results from the Clif Bar development Team

In the cat.3: Danny Hiller- Had a strong race but he flatted a few laps to go and dropped out.
In the Pro1,2: Andrew Barker-30th
Cody Cox-24th
Robin Eckmann-19th
Yannick Eckmann-13th
In the Juniors 13-14: Zane Godby got 1st place

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