Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hooglede World Cup

The World Cup today was epic. It was super muddy with sections of ice included for good measure. There were 3 stair sections that were super hard, a few super steep sketchy downhills, a sand pit and a bunch of cold Belgian mud.

The juniors started the day off with a great result. Bjorn was off the front of the race for a while until he flatted, and Danny was right behind him. Summerhill ended the day in 8th place! That is an amazing result for the first year junior. A great quote from Geoff Proctor, the national team coach was, "Seeing you guys on the front of the race gave me goosebumps down my spine." That is pretty cool.

Bjorn fell back to 32nd and Alex ended up 36th. Alex crashed about 10 times on the first lap. At one point he had some Slovakian kid sitting on his bike taking his helmet off after a crash. Howes tried to get his bike but the kid would not get up. A swift kick to his back remedied this. Howes was back in the race, all the way at the back of the pack but managed to move up nicely.

The U23 race went alright. Jesse Anthony got the hole shot, taking the lead for the first couple of minutes. After a bad start, Troy Wells worked his way back up 26th place. Morgan Schmitt finished 45th, and I was the last rider to not get lapped, I ended up 51st. I did beat 15 guys though, so that was pretty good.

Adam McGrath crashed somewhere on the course and hit his head. He fell over into the crowd and was taken to the medical tent. He could not remember a whole lap! He is doing alright now, but has got a monster head ache.

Trebon crashed out of the Elite race and screwed up his shoulder. Wicks broke his pinkie finger out on the course too. I guess it was pretty nasty. I'll try to get a pic.

The juniors are racing again in Sven Nys' hometown of Baal tomorrow. Hopefully they can kick some butt. Should be a good race for them.

The Elites and U23's get a day off then race again on Monday.

Happy New Year, that is if you use the Gregorian calendar, but if you are using the Discordian calendar, happy - Setting Orange, The Aftermath 73, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3171,

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Charles said...

Great blog! Keep up the hard work guys. A couple riders here in Georgia are cheering you guys on! Keep up with the posts.

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