Tuesday, December 27, 2005

EURO Land.

So far since I've been in euro land I have had two dinners where I was saying how good dinner was. I was saying to Jesse A man this steak is good and then he informs me that it was Horse Meat. On X-mas eve I was thinking that the chicken we had was great then I find out it was rabbit. We have had two races for each group since we have been in euro land. Today was a rest day that consisted of riding to the coffee shop and a visit to the local bike shop with J-Pows, Anthony, Morgan, and Dan. The coffee shop is cool with a classy setting. These Belgium millionaires kill me.

The bike shop was cool i mean there is no place in the states where you can go just buy a DUGAST tire stright up for 62 euros. After the ride we returned home to Izegem for lunch followed by a photo shot for the GVA newspaper for this article they are doing on cyclists here for X-mas cross circuit from out-side europe.

After the short photo shot is was time for me to get a massage from www.chris-soigneur.com. He was rocking a DOPER SUCK shirt (COCKY).. Summerhill (A.K.A. Toast and has also picked up the name Summey) has been like alittle 13 year old girl when it comes to MYSPACE. MYSPACE is a online type of blog website with friends and a comment wall. Toast's best quote all trip has been " I don't know what I'd do without MYSPACE". For the record I have been spending time on MYSPACE also since there is nothing to do in Izegem beside from trying to recover and get ready for the next race. Anyway we have a GVA U-23 and Junior race tomorrow it is like one step below a World Cup. I guess in the U-23 field we have 95 starts so it should be interesting. 80 crazy euros 5 Zem-bob-ways and 10 North Americans should be fun. I've been sleeping like 10hrs a day I love coming to sea level from Durango (6500 feet above sea level you sleep like a brick).

Check in tomorrow for another update maybe you will be blessed with one from toast.

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