Thursday, December 29, 2005

Off day

Today was an off day. For Brady and Alex this meant no riding (Brady has come down with a light cold and Alex has suspicions of tendonidis) and for Troy it meant a relatively light ride. For Toast it meant a day off his bike, but in a different way. He crashed, again. Many of us are starting to wonder if the mechanics are putting Crisco or some other kind of grease on his tires. What ever, he's still plenty fast and his toddler like tumbles don't seem to be slowing him down too much. With our time off we were forced to try to find ways to fill our time. To accomplish this we have turned to the standard media. Stuff like internet, tv, books (eh.... not so much), and video games. Our current favorites seem to be Grand Tursmo (best car racing game in the whole wide world), JIM tv (worst MTV wanna be channel ever!!), Myspace (the land of bike dorks, gossip hungry 13 year old girls, braille faced computer geeks, and dorks in general), and Mark Twain's short stories. When we weren't wasting our time with this mind numbing "junk" most of us managed to brave the snow and make our way out into the town for a bit of Christmas shopping and culture absorption. After some steak, potatoes, and salad for dinner, we watched some more tv and are now headed to bed.

Tomorrow we are going to check out the course for the World Cup on Saturday so hopefully we will have something a little more interesting to say then.



hot_Izegem_cross_chick said...
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hot_Izegem_cross_chick said...

less suck, more barry pictures

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