Wednesday, December 28, 2005


As far as the recap for today's race goes,
the U-23 race went as follows. Our very own Brady Kappius managed to grab the whole shot until his unfortunate sickness got the best of him towards the second part of the race. Brady stuck it out though and stayed in the race until he was lapped by the fast leaders. Also in the U-23 race Troy Wells had very good race with the exception of having a crash and a flat, Troy finished 30th which was good given the conditions.
Before the U23's was the junior race, in which I also managed to grab the hole shot as well but because of a very unexpected piece of black ice, my lead was snatched away from me dropping me back to 25 place. So with that I buckled down for a number of laps with out the help of any of the other European riders in my group I managed to pull myself back to 8th place as I held the lead for the sprint coming one place short of U.S. very own Bjorn Selander who just like me crashed very hard messing up his knee though managing to hold on to his 7th place
On another note Alex having been given a terrible start position found it very difficult to redeem himself up to his normal position.
All in all, the team as a whole had a good day of racing with a few mishaps but overall a solid performance.

Danny Summerhill
a.k.a - Toast
a.k.a - Summy

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