Saturday, December 24, 2005

First race of the trip!!!!!!!

Today was the first race of the camp. For some, it went really well, for others it went ok, and for others it went really bad. For starters it's a shame our buddy Bjorn's bag came because it would have been nice if he was racing in our team colors. His performance was by far the most impressive of the day. With major jet lag (we are all still on U.S. time) he managed to finish 8th only 2 seconds off the win in one the most prestigious (hence the name, "Diegem Super Prestige") fields in the world. Not to mention he was racing on a borrowed bike.
For team TIAA-CREF/Clif bar U.S. national champions, Troy Wells and Danny Summerhill both had very respectable rides. Troy scored a top 25 which he will most definitely be able to improve upon and Danny pulled off a very impressive 17th in his first European race ever. Very strong rides by both. However, Alex Howes and Brady Kappius did not fare so well. Alex crashed during warm up and injured his hip, severely hindering his race performance. Brady, on the other hand was forced to abandon the race after bending the laws of physics and wrapping his chain completely backwards on his chain ring. Major bummer.
Any ways life is good in the land of Flanders. The sun actually came out for Christmas eve today and we had an amazing dinner that consisted of sweat potato spinach waffles, rabbit, apple sauce and some wicked good Christmas cake. All of us are also smiling about JIM TV's Belle Perez weekend. She is a beauty that the states will never know. What a shame.

Thanks for reading and if you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas,


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Chris said...

good work fellas.

enjoy the sights of euro-land and make us proud.

on the racing front get all the kinks worked out and kick some booty at world's!

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