Saturday, January 07, 2006

Back to the Grind

Well, after a full 24 hours of traveling Brady and I have made it home. The trip was relatively uneventful due to the fact that poor Brady was sick as a dog (sick as my dog that is. My poor little puppy can hardly walk right now). However, no such thing as completely listless international travel, hence we were not spared from some heavy Georgian accents (the guy at passport controls was almost impossible to understand. He had this to say when I told him of my Belgian imports, "fi'ty derllers wort' o' weffles! I hoop ya do not inteeeend ta consuuuuum fi'ty derller wort' o' weffles aaaall by you's self!") annoying little kids on the air plane, air port foot ball, and a French man that sat stiff as a board for nine and a half hours and the only word he said was, "cafe." He didn't even get up to relieve him self. Crazy French.

Any ways, 3/4 of the TIAA-CREF/Clif Bar European 'cross team (Brady, me, Toast) are safely home and getting back to the grind of everyday life. The forcast for the future reads, "school, school, school, unpacking, school, training, school, recovering from jet lag, and school." And on that note, I just wanted to say thanks. I suppose I can't legally speak on behalf of the whole team, but I can make the assumption that, like my self, all those who received the opportunity to participate in such an amazing and once in a life time experience, will be forever grateful to all those who helped make it all possible. So, many thanks to all those who have helped us along the way and thanks for all the support.

Check back for posts related to Troy's adventures in Europe, and the rest of the team's preparation for worlds (not to mention worlds its self!!!),


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random said...

nice work over there alex, someday i'd like to hear the stories firsthand.

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