Sunday, January 01, 2006

Anyone out there in the land of cyber-space ever ridden through oil covered peanut butter? Well, I can't exactly say that I have either but today was pretty close. Fortunately, the nasty slick conditions played to the U.S.A. juniors who walked home with some amazing results. Coming across first for the Americas was Bjorn in 4th who was closely followed by Toast in 5th. Alex and Chance both started finding their legs and came across the line in 11th and 12th. The best part of the races was the fact that this race was a Gazette Van Antwerp (GVA) race which is part of a series that is second only to the world cup series. Basically, it was wicked rad.

Well, right now our internet is spazzing out over the place so it takes 1.5 hours just to right one post and I think we are going to go out and celebrate new years (and my birthday!!!) a day late, this should consist of going to the wall (biggest vending machine in the world) and loading up on candy and sugar waffles and maybe going bowling, I must bid you all good night.

Happy new year,

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