Thursday, January 05, 2006

House Report

So the cross camp stage race is over. With the end of camp the house is pretty much empty. Trebon, Wicks, and Powers went to Monaco for a romantic week with the stars. Everyone else has left for the states or leave tomorrow. There is nothing really to report on except for the fallen soldiers report.

Jesse- Healthy after he had been sick for 4 day earlier in the week 20th in Holland.
Troy- Sick with cold DNF in Holland yesterday after 15min.
Adam- Sick with cold DNF after hitting tree in Holland. Mild concussion @ world cup only remembered 1st lap.
Alex- Sick with cold 8th in Holland.
Brady- Something died in his body. Smells of death!!! Lapped in Holland.
Tonkin- Sick with cold finished in Holland.
Dan- Thinks he's healthy. Lapped in Holland.

As you can tell we are living large right now in Izegem. Tonight we had some amazing chicken with pasta and tomatoes. Els also treated us to some home made waffles for desert. Tomorrow morning I will awake and it will be only Jesse, Dan, and I for a week. Tomorrow night we go to Noel and Els house for Charlyn 18th B-day. That is the big one in europe. I think we are having mexican food which will be good.

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