Saturday, January 07, 2006

Newts growth

Now that everyone has left except for myself aka tdub Dan aka danimal and Jesse aka wicked cocky things have been pretty uneventful. Yesterday was my second rest/sick day which means I pretty much tried to do nothing. Danimal and I woke up around 11:00 and help Newt get ready to go off with his mechanic friend for the rest of the time before worlds. I helped newt get his bikes down from the bike room since he can't reach them. Than Danimal charted Newts growth and discovered Newt stopped growing @ 5 yrs old. Newts friend brought me a present that Dubb left with him for me such as cables and chains since racing 6 races in 2 weeks will destroy a cross bike.

After we saw Newt off me and Danimal had an intense playstation battle followed by a walk down town and visit to panos. At panos Danimal purchased the alcoholic coffee drink (cocky) I stayed with the norm. Panos is pretty cool b/c it is a public coffee shop that is actually smoke free hard to find in Europe. On our walk home we thought about getting Charlyn a b-present but we decided against. We figured it would be like getting a present from your relative u never see and it ends up being something that she would never use.

Els came to get us for the b-day party @ like 6 b/c we had to go to the store to get some supplies to make margetias. Once at the house of Noel and Els, Danimal, W-C(Wicked Cocky) and I began trying to make margetias. It turned into trial and error with Danimal being the main test drinker. He was basically loaded before anyone else even got to the party. Noel and Els have a really nice house and we have some good pics I'll put up next time from the festivities.

Rode my bike today all i can say is i flatted 4 times danimal 1 flat and W-C 1 flat it sucked.
Go to for the whole story. Tdub goes to sleep now.

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