Tuesday, January 03, 2006

GP De Ster Sint-Niklaas

The U23's and Elites all raced together yesterday in Sint-Niklass, Belgium at the GP De Ster. The course was a super fast circuit around a lake. The start was pretty crazy, a lot of shoving and yelling, it was great fun. I rode most of the race with Mitchell, it was good to have a fellow American to ride with. We got lapped, with a lot of racing left. Oh well, Sven Nys is a beast. Troy had a good ride. He got lapped with about 1/2 a lap left, not bad though. Fellow American teammate Brandon Dwight also raced. He had a good ride, just a little ways behind Troy. He has been writing some diaries on Velonews - http://www.velonews.com/diaries/rider/articles/9339.0.html I think he is having a good time.

No juniors race so they spent the day out cruising the town and shopping for stuff. I hear they found some cool euro clothes.


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Claudine Kappius said...

So good to read the travels, trials,
and tribulations. Just stay well and have a good time, not to mention good races.

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