Tuesday, January 10, 2006

She was saying something I really wasn't listening

I've been busy doing well nothing. I have gotten back on my two rides a day program with a nap in between. On Sunday I left late for my 2nd ride b/c I was busy watching Belgium Championships on the TV. It was exciting I actually thought there was a chance that Sven wasn't going to win. After the race was finished I went out for what I was expecting to be an easy 1 hour spin. After about an hour out I began heading home as the sun was going down or so I thought. After about a half an hour I realized I was far from home and it was dark already. I ended up in Kortrijk which is about half an hour from Izegem. So as soon as I realized that I was in Kortrijk I TT home to try to make it back at home since it was pitch black at this point. My 1 hour easy spin turned into a 2 hour ride with a TT effort at the end. Monday came and went without to much excitement. Jesse and I rode to Kortrijk in the morning and went to the coffee shop and even had some crepes at the local market that was set up in the center of town. Danimal was busy preparing for his race and missed out on the ride. He did a Belgium A race in Otegem it brings out the stars like Sven and Sven. I guess Sven warmed up in his Belgium Natz Jersey and raced with the World Champ Jersey. Danimal rode home from the race. I guess Newt was at the race and the only thing Danimal told me was that Newt almost hit a tree but was still the top American on the day good job Newt. I did another ride in the afternoon in some trials about half an hour from the house. They are a lot of fun because they are smooth enough to ride with road tires. They are super slick though so it gives you a chance to work on the technical without flatting. This morning I started my ride with Jesse and Stijn and turned around about an hour in. When I came home the Danimal was still in bed sleeping. I guess he got worked over from riding home from the race yesterday. I was able to nap and went out for a ride/run. Worked on running up a some stairs because worlds has a set of 40 stairs each lap (hell). I returned home washed down the bike now I can't stop thinking about food. I'm also back doing my SRA exercises Dr. Frank gave me for my back before I left.


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Heyo Chronicles said...

sounds like your having a wicked pissa time out there dude. your spelling has improved.

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