Sunday, December 23, 2007

Summerhill Report from Belgium: first race

On Saturday, Danny Summerhill and most of the other U-23 and Junior Euro-Campers headed to a Belgian B-series race in Laarn for a warm up race. It brought out some top Belgian U-23s, as well as many Belgian amateurs and some Brits and the US kids. Great ride for Rad Racing's Nick Wieghall, in 14th place. Here's Danny's quick report:

"I started on the front line right next to Niels Albert and I beat him to the whole shot! I led the first half lap but then settled down in 3rd for the first half of the race. After that, I hit a post, popped my chain off and didn't really have that great of a second half of the race. So, I ended up 20th, which I was not too pleased about. We have a pretty big race in Zeddam tomorrow (where the 2006 Worlds course was, with 100 stairs) so that should be interesting!"


1 Niels Albert Palmans-Cras
2 Vincent Baestaens Fidea Cycling Team
3 Gianni Denolf Palmans-Cras
4 Davy De Scheemaeker

5 Kevin Eeckhout

6 Stijn Penne

7 Nico Clarysse

8 Sven Verboven Wielerclub Galmaarden Sportief
9 Patrick Bassez

10 Mike Thielemans

11 David Fletcher

12 Toon Devenyns

13 Bjorn De Decker

14 Nicholas Weighall

15 Matthias Onghena VZW Wielerclub " Onder Ons - Parike "
16 Kristof Boelens

17 Thomas Vernaeckt Asfra Racing Team
18 Kenneth Van Compernolle Sunweb ProJob
19 Dieter Schol K.S.W. De Demerspurters Haacht - Betekom
20 DaniƩl Summerhill

21 Steven De Caluwe

22 Steven Sluyts

23 Laurens De Vreese Wielersportvereniging Artevelde VZW - Gent
24 Alex Atkins

25 Mitchell Peterson

26 Carson Miller

27 Ross Creder

28 Valentijn Ponseele WC De Molenspurters Meulebeke
29 Wim Maes

30 Kristof Scheirs

31 Steven Schol K.S.W. De Demerspurters Haacht - Betekom
32 Vincent Van Hooste Asfra Racing Team
33 Jackson Vijarona

34 Koen Boelens VC De Lievespurters - Zomergem
35 Simon Mathys

36 Kjell Van Driessche

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