Saturday, December 29, 2007


Loenhout was a pretty sweet race. All of the usual euro features. Fly overs, mud pits, tight corners, you know, the usual. The start went well, with both Danny and I in the top 20. Bumping elbows with euros is great fun because they always fight back. I felt like my legs were actually coming around a little bit. My lungs still weren't there. I drilled it so hard on the 2nd to last lap so I wouldnt get lapped. I made it by about 5 seconds. The last lap was funny as all the Pro's were warming up behind me. I just had to finish the lap to get whatever place I got. Nobody was gonna catch me and I couldnt see anyone in front of me. Lots of spectators were out. Even for our race there were plastic cups littering the course from spectators dropping them. The BMX whoops section was fun. It was even covered in astroturf this year. 2 big fly overs too. Danny's back isn't doing so hot so he is gonna skip out on Diegem tomorrow and rest up for our last race on Wednesday.

Today around the house was nice. Slept in a little bit. Got some breakfast consisting of corn flakes (2 bowls), toast with jam, yogurt, and some juice. A little checking the email and surfing the web for sweet stuff like titanium bolts for my bike. Then I headed out for a short little spin. The sun was out full blast. The most I have ever see it here. 8 deg C too. It was a little breezy though. Got back, ate some lunch. Massage time at 2pm. Then lots of computer time all afternoon. We have a good time hassling the juniors too.

Off to bed. Gotta get ready for the cobbled climb in Diegem tomorrow.


P.S. - Danny is addicted to MTV's The Hills. In the past 2 days I think he has watched almost every single episode of every season. Oh Toast...

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Dr. Pete said...

Sorry to hear about your travel troubles...and your illness. Hopefully your lungs will come around. Regardless of how the racing legs and lungs feel...and you've never heard this before...HAVE FUN!!!

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