Monday, December 24, 2007

Update From Belgium

Oh the joy of travel. My adventure to Euro Cross Camp VI started out at in Denver on the 19th. My initial route had me going from Denver, to Chicago then to London and finally to Brussels. That plan didn’t last long. My flight out of Denver was delayed because a de-icing part needed to be replaced. I missed the connection in Chicago because of this. So, I’m not too worried, there has got to be some other flights out of Chicago that I can get on. Nope. I get there and go over to the customer service desk. They are closing so I get sent to the one on the other concourse. Sure enough, they are closing too. I try the self-service kiosk to no avail. I call the 1 800 number for United. They can’t do anything but put me on some flight for tomorrow. I try to get on a Lufthansa flight to London that’s was supposed to leave in 5 min. That was too big of a hassle for them to do at the gate. Well, I guess I’m staying in Chicago. I got a room for the night and tried again in the morning. I got on a flight to Washington DC, then to Brussels.

I finally made it to Belgium, the cyclo-cross capital of the world. Which really means nothing when your bikes and bag don’t show up. I finally got my bag yesterday, the 21st and my bikes showed up today. I raced (or tried to) on Ryan Trebon’s training bike in Zeddam today. I made it around 3 laps before my back couldn’t handle it anymore. A 61cm top tube plus a 120mm stem was just too much for me. The course was really fun though. It was slick in the corners but fast everywhere else. There was a nice big fly-over as well. The most interesting feature was the 100-stair run-up. The first lap through was totally crazy with guys yelling in all different languages as we came to a complete halt at the bottom. It was pure euro racing fun. Hopefully I will feel better after a couple days of training on my own bike then Wednesday is a big World Cup in Hofstade. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

merry christmas brady! hope you're having a good time. miss you, love you, mom xoxo
p.s. don't forget the truffles:)

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