Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rough Day in Hofstade

Danny and I had a rough day in Hofstade. I started on the back row but somehow managed to move way up on the start. Danny got stuck behind a big crash and was forced to chase. The sand was killer as usual. The both of us have been sick for the past few days. Nothing horrible, but stuffed up noses and sore throats. Just that little bit off your top game will kill you over here. I was really feeling bad when I was out there. My legs seemed good, but I just couldn't breathe. Danny had some bike troubles and I'm sure being sick did not help him either. Oh well, we live to race another day.

Today was a nice relaxing day at the house. Easy rides, massage, laundry, bike shop and store runs. Lots of lounging around, almost too much. We will be out of the house tomorrow though. Its a GVA race in Loenhout. Its a fun course from what I remember. BMX whoops section, fly-overs, long start straight, and stop lights are used for the start. Hopefully I will remember to take some pics.


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