Friday, December 21, 2007

Euro Camp kicks off for Brady and Danny

Just days after Nationals, CLIF BAR Development Team captains Brady Kappius and Danny Summerhill re-organized all their gear, got some tune-up and packing help from team mechanic Nick Legan, and headed over to Belgium for the 5th edition of the European 'Cross Camp.

Nice write-up today on

And, the Euro Camp website has all the details

This will be the third time both Danny and Brady have attended the camp, and it has played a huge role in their development as top-level cyclo-cross racers.

Stay tuned for results from Belgium - race schedule below:

2007-08 Euro Cross Camp Schedule
Dec 20 - Arrival
Dec 22 - Laarne - Juniors/U-23/Elite
Dec 23 - Balegem - Juniors
Dec 23 - Zeddam C1 (Holland) U-23/Elite
Dec 26 - Hofstade WC - Juniors/U-23/Elite
Dec 27 - Tourhout C2 - Elite
Dec 28 - Loenhout GVA Series/C1 - Juniors/U-23/Elite
Dec 29 - Middlekerke C2 - Elite
Dec 30 - Diegem SuperPrestige/C1 - Juniors/U-23
Jan 1 - Baal GVA Series/C1 - Juniors/U-23
Jan 1 - Petange C2 (Luxembourg) Elite
Jan 2 - St Niklaas C2 - Juniors/U-23/Elite
Jan 3 - Departure

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