Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tejay's CO USGP Report

I had finally started feeling good again on my cross bike. I was turning out some top tens in local races, as well as a 13th place in a UCI race in Boulder last weekend. I was super-stoked to show my new found fitness in front of a home town crowd at the Boulder Grand Prix of cyclo-cross. Despite my poor starting position in the race, I was confident I could get my engine turning and pick off a number of riders, typical of my racing style. As soon as the gun fired I started picking my way through the field; however my season debut of racing the USGP was short lived. Going into the first corner there was a massive pileup, and I was caught in the mayhem. The crash sent me toppling over the handlebars and left me with a fracture on the tip of my radius.

Luckily it’s not too severe; I should be 100% in about three weeks. My hope is that I will be back in time for nationals in Providence. My doctors were able to hook me up with a bitchin’ pink cast that is molded to the shape of my handlebars, so I will still be able to train on my road bike.

Although I was benched from racing this weekend, I was still glad to have been there. I was able to see my junior teammate, Toast (Daniel Summerhill), clean up in both races. On Sundays race I saw him completely break the style of racing he is usually known for, which is stay tucked in and wait for the sprint. Instead he came out guns blazing, and completely annihilated the field. He put a good minute into Alex Coehlo, and anyone who knows Alex knows that’s not an easy task.

Aside from racing I had a great time meeting the sponsors, hanging out in the pit, and helping contribute to the zero waste effort. I really hope the USGP comes back to Boulder again next year, and I will try to keep the rubber side down.

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