Saturday, November 11, 2006

"I'll trade you a yummy organic pear for a kiss." "Deal"

Let’s start with life-
I have never been busier in my entire life. This is my week: 18 hours on the bike, 15+ hours in the office, 13 hours in the class room,? Hours sitting at my desk doing homework. I guess I do not mind it, builds character and keeps me honest. Plus, you run into more girls when you run around all the time. They get a question mark too when calculating the amount of time spent on them. Damn girls.

The bike-
This year 'cross Is kind of taking a back seat in light of my contract for next year. I hate to admit it but I am a bit freaked out by the level of racing I will be expected to race against next year. Good thing for me and my fitness, when I freak out I tend to train hard and race fast.

'Cross is still a blast and I love it as much as ever. Last weekend we had the GPs come to town in a big way. The spectators were great (special thanks to my personal fan club. I love the sign as much as you apparently love my hair.) And the courses were top notch. HUGE THANKS to Rus Kappius, Chris Grealish, the GP crew, all the volunteers, and everyone else who helped make those races such special and well run events. I am already loosing sleep in anticipation of the next time 'cross hits Colorado hard again (at least I think that is why I am loosing sleep). I personally, was pretty happy with my own performance (9th and 7th in the u23s) and feel that I can improve in the next round.

The environment-
I am behind the ball with my volunteering and information gathering. If it helps I no loner own a car and my bike and the bus are my two best friends. Lame, I know. I will get my eggs in some sort of a basket one of these days.

This last week-
Three mid-terms and a nasty concussion made for one hell of a crappy combination. Praise science for Giro helmets and ice.

Random #1-
My roommate, although very cool and easy to get along with, has a new, quite despicable "sport." I won't go into detail (I will inform you that there are three pages of rules) but basically who ever can poop the fastest wins ice cream.

Random #2-
I just acquired a 36 pack of Mountain Dew. I hate Mountain Dew.

Random #3-
There is a Facebook group (social networking organization for college students) dedicated to organic apples. I am a member. Man I love those little hunks of organic goodness.

Random #4-
Apparently I have a girl friend. Oh boy, another rock on my back. At least this one is sweet.

Peace, love, and pudding,

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