Saturday, November 11, 2006

Eating organic and bike racing

The last few weeks for me have been all about school, training/racing, and trying to consume all the organic fruit and veggies me and my family have been getting. Last weekend, the USGP races brought out the best competition for all categories including the SM 3 for me. On Saturday it was a packed start with probably the most people I have raced in a 'cross race before. Thanks to Brady, I had a front row start and ended up in a solid position until I had a minor crash on the 2nd lap. It took about a lap to get my rhythm back, but I still ended up with a decent 6th place. That night I drove 1hr south to my school to attend our cross country team's end of the season banquet.

Sunday morning it was back to bike racing up in Boulder. The SM3 field was huge, and again with the help of Brady, I got a fair 3rd row start. In the chaos of the starting sprint, I lost my pedal and almost crashed. I was able to recover, but I lost my spot and had to struggle most of the race to work my way up. I still managed to secure 13th (I think) place though. If you saw the little 9news coverage of the race, you might have seen me for about 1 second. Yah thats right, I made the news!

Also I must add that all the Door to Door Organics supplied fruits and veggies have been great, and I have also been doing a little cooking myself! I made some pretty awesome sweet potatoes with the help of a little brown sugar, marshmallows, and nuts. At the USGP races I handed out their flyers and spread "the good news" about organic food. Hopefully that will have an impact, being that it is Boulder after all!

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