Friday, November 03, 2006

The Big Weekend - Team Coach

For those of you who don't follow cyclo-cross so closely, or who don't live in the Boulder area, this weekend (Nov 4,5) is a big one for the team. We've got the US Grand Prix of Cyclocross rounds 3 & 4 going on locally in Longmont and Boulder. Even though this is a "home" race for all the kids, we've got so much else going on that it's really going to be a busy weekend for the whole team.

Friday we're going out to help event staff and sponsors set up the expo area for Saturday's race in Longmont. Then on both days, riders will be helping some of our sponsors (Clif Bar, Crank Bros, and Door To Door Organics) staff their expo booths. For our athletes, it's a great chance to spend some time interacting with the sponsors who help make the team possible, as well as with the cyclo-cross fans who come out for the races and come through the expo area. We expect a lot out of the riders besides just riding their bikes fast (that's the fun part!), and as you can tell by reading the blog entries and when you talk to them at the events, they never let us down.

On a sporting level this weekend, we get to see the USGP debut of Taylor Phinney, who has taken to 'cross very quickly. Jim Lennon will be proudly sporting the USGP leaders' jersey thanks to his win round 2, and since our new clothes are in Danny gets to rock the stars & stripes in front of his home crowd.

The U23 crew is looking strong, Brady is getting healthy again and we've got Tejay back in action after missing Gloucester. No airport security at the races in CO, so Alex and Peter should be there as well.

Andrew will mix it up with the local cat 3's instead of the 15/16 juniors, so don't be surprised to see him there.

Troy/T-Dub/T-Biz/Rudy is coming into form, and a big race at altitude should suit him well. Besides helping set up these events as zero waste, Stu will be in action in the elite race as well.

Speaking of sponsors, I've got the Start Global Cooling logo up on the 1% section of my own website. Ironically, my inspiration for that part of my business was this book, while I came to find out this morning that Yvon Choinard's work with the environment and values-driven business was also an inspiration to Clif Bar founder Gary Erickson.

That's it! See you all this weekend in CO!

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