Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rad Racing Shout-out

This one's for our Seattle Homeboy Benny, aka Benny Swedberg from Rad Racing (the other best development cross team in the country), and actually he's from Olympia. We know, because Benny (well, his parents) let our whole team crash at their house in 2004 when we were out for the USGP race in Tacoma. Great people, and Benny is one great bike racer.

The kid with the curly black 'fro is gettin' super fast...a few National Championships under his belt, and now he's rocking the Cat 3 men in Seattle.

I just got this info from Rad Racing director Jim Brown:

"Benny soloed off the front of a 60 rider SR Cat-3 field yesterday for the win.
After 5 races he is the Seattle CCX overall leader in the C-3 men(14 years old!!!!!!!)"

We've got 15 and 16 yr olds beating up on the Cat 3s here in Colorado, but Benny is only 14. Pretty dope.

looking forward to seeing you in Boulder next weekend Benny!


G & J said...

We always knew he was a winner!

Patty Swedberg said...

You guys always have a place to stay with the Swedbergs.....we've moved into a bigger place - plenty of couches and beds.... :)

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