Saturday, December 28, 2013

Zolder World Cup

The day after Christmas was my first opportunity to race in a world cup. I was lucky enough to get selected to do The Zolder World Cup while the team is over in Belgium. Me, Maxx and Spencer all got to start this world cup which was really cool. This race was one of the hardest I've ever done because it was against all of the best racers from around the world. I learned so much about my self as a racer and racing in general.

I started right behind Cooper Willsey, who took the whole shot in the race,  and when the gun went off I sat in behind Peter Goguen during the start straight and was able to sit mid pack into the first corner. The whole american team ended up one right after another for part of the first lap which was nice to be riding with some of the people you know against people you've never raced before. It broke up over the next few laps, Peter was fighting for low teens, Maxx broke out into the upper twenties and I was hanging in the lower twenties right in front of cooper, Austin, and Ian. I was having an excellent race, keeping calm and making few to no mistakes until I messed up one corner in the second to last lap and Cooper, Austin, and Ian got around me along with a few other riders. I fought my way back up to those guys but didn't have the legs to pass them back in that little amount of time leading up until the last lap. I did however catch Ian on the last run up and was able to pass him along with some other riders right before the last decent and start stretch. After Passing Ian and getting on the start strait I began to sprint as hard as I could to get the kid just in front of me but to no avail he was just a little to far for me to catch before the finish line.

Overall this race was so fun and super fast with lots of the best competition. Doing this race really showed me i have a lot in can still improve upon in my riding but also showed me that i can rival the top riders and not get blown out of the back of the race. Im so happy I got the race this world cup and can't wait to come back and race nationals back home in Boulder.

Right after the first decent heading towards the run up.

Seconds before I messed up and Cooper, Austin, and Ian got around me.

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