Thursday, December 26, 2013

Euro Land Adventures

We are coming up on the midway point point of the trip and I can only describe everything as crazy.
Everything over here is so different, but it is an amazing place to race and train. We've been here for 6 days and are finally starting to settle in to the life of racing in Belgium. The first couple of days were very hectic just trying to find my bearings and not get lost on training rides. It helps a lot that we are living with Maxx and Garret, who came over here for "hell week'" last year. We are also staying with Spencer Downing who has spent the fall living and racing in Belgium  and Spain, so he has been really helpful showing us around. Cormac and I raced in Waremme as our first race over here. It was a smaller local race, but a good race to help us transition to the aggressive racing here in Belgium. The course conditions were the complete opposite of the dry races in Colorado. The entire course was caked with inches of heavy mud. The start was crazy, all the Americans started last row regardless if you had UCI points. I had a okay start and by the first corner I was mid-pack. I moved up 3-4 spots a lap and ended up 6th. Cormac came across 11th. I had no expectations coming into the race, so I was really happy with a top 10. The next 3 days where relaxing training days were our only goal was to get lost, and we managed to do so every day. Here is our schedule for the rest of the trip, Loenhout on the 27th, Bredene on the 28th, Diegem on the 29th, and Baal on the 1st.  Make sure you check back in for updates on those races and a race report of the Zolder World Cup from either Maxx or Garret.

Cormac drilling it in Waremme

 The van packed up for Waremme
 The main church in downtown Oudenaarde, the town we are staying in.
We found some big carrots on a training ride 

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-Liam Dunn

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