Sunday, December 22, 2013

1st race, Essen

Yesterday was the teams first race in Europe this trip. Garrett, Nolan, Spencer and myself went out to the race for the team as the Wonder twins only got here the day before.

We showed up to the race on time but registration is very poorly marked and not super close to the venue and most of the traffic guides don't know where it is. so after a while of greg driving around the town we finally found it at the school.

because of the delayed set up due to registration, we were unable to pre ride before our race, witch always makes the race more fun on lap one...

I got the 16th call up and after the gun went off had a great start. I was 3rd in the hole shot ad quickly took over the lead. I managed to create a small gap on the rest of the field and was able to hold it for a little over a lap before getting passes and passed and passed and passed and passed and then passed some more. only needed to pit once because it was kind of dry for a european race.
in the end I finished 15th, my best result yet in Europe!

I had a great day and learned a lot from leading the race for a little.

Nolan came in 18th and garrett finished 28th after getting taken out in the start.

next race is the Zolder World Cup, Can't wait!
me leading on lap one

me slaying it

me suffering

muddy muddy legs!

thanks for reading!

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