Monday, October 12, 2009

Providence Cyclocross Rounds 5 & 6 Verge Championship Series

Nate and I just finished up races 5 and 6 of the Verge New England Championship Series in Providence, Rhode Island.  This was our first real weekend working together as teammates.  
Day one was the exact same course as the 2006 National Championships.  From the gun, a lead group of four formed at the front, Jesse Keough, Josh Lehmann, Nate, and myself.  About half way through the race, Josh Lehmann attacked.  I wasn't able to stick with the acceleration, but Nate hung in there.  In the end, Jesse won, Nate got second, Josh got third, and I finished fourth.
Day two was a very different course.  It was more technical than day one, which meant lots of quick accelerations.  From the start, again, a lead group formed.  This time it was a group of three.  The group was made up of Jesse Keough, Nate, and I.  Half way through the first lap, Nate decided to bunny hop the barriers.  Nate cleared the first one with ease, but hit the second one.  Jesse attacked and I followed.  Nate chased for the next two laps.  Nate bunny- hopped the barriers for the rest of the race.  The crowd liked that.  With 4 laps to go, we started putting in small attacks trying to weaken Jesse.  With 2 laps to go, I put in a huge attack, and was away for the next lap.  Jesse and Nate caught me with one lap to go, and we remained together until the finish.  It came down to a sprint.  1st-Jesse, 2nd-Nate, 3rd-me.  Nate and I were feeling pretty proud standing on the podium representing Clif Bar.  

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