Sunday, October 05, 2008

Frisco 'Cross!

This week I traveled to Frisco, Colorado to race some cyclocross! We left on Saturday and arrived at around 1:00 PM. I was going race juniors 13-14, but I decided to move up to 15-16 for some more competition. I ended up actually arriving at the course at around 1:15 and was riding around in the cold rain for two hours. I was suited up in my "thermal skin-suit" and my brand new "Gavia Gloves". Finally, I lined up at the start and it was David Kessler, me and about four other kids. Of course, David had an easy win since he is really fast but I was holding a tight second place. On the last lap I made a tactical error by trying to sprint up this hill (which was only 1/4 of the way around the course) and was trying to drop the kid behind me. He counter-attacked and gained a small lead on me by about ten seconds. I went all out in the last two minutes and passed the kid right before the run-up to take second to David.
After that, I decided to race juniors 13-14 just for fun. I wasn't registered for the race but I didn't want to win the prize or get the BAR/BAT points. So I just raced it simply for a cool down. I finished up in first with ease, but after the official called me over and asked what my name was. I said, "Zack Gould" and he went over and talked to the head officials and said I wasn't registered for the race. I explained to him how I was in fact 13 years old and was just doing this as a cool down. He said that I need to be registered for the race so that it doesn't mess up the officials. I don't blame him, it was my fault.
After the race I went back to the car to put the bikes away, I took off my new "Gavia Gloves" and put them somewhere where I can no longer find them. I am usually very responsible, but I found myself short of one pair of really awesome gloves.
The next day I woke up and was very tired. I don't think I slept well at all and was very dehydrated but didn't know it. I raced cat. 4 and started off really awesome right behind Zane Godby, then right in front of us was a hill. Suddenly, it felt just like I just slammed into a brick wall and I was having trouble getting up the hill. I felt like my technique was fairly good throughout the race, I just didn't have any energy left in the tank. I don't know exactly how I finished up, but I had an awesome time anyways. So I think that I had a pretty successful weekend and a great time!
By Zack Gould

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