Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Back at it!

It's been a slow start for Kevin and I over here in Grand Junction getting back into full swing for the cross season. Right we are at the end of Collegiate Mountain biking season for Mesa State College. Normally we don't race mountain bikes, but our school needed two more Cross Country racers for Nationals so we were the ones they turned to. This is why Kevin and I haven't been doing all the cross races that would of liked to do. We have our home Mountain Bike race this weekend, then will be racing cross the weekend after in Longmont and Fort Collins. Though that following week Kevin and I will be traveling to North Carolina for Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals. Though once that is over will be in full swing for cyclocross. Just in time to race at the Boulder Cup and all the cross races following.So far this season we have done the Brecktobercross as well as the Frisco CX just last weekend. This is our first season racing in the Pro 1/2 field and we are loving it. We both have been getting repectable resutls. Though in Frisco I had to drop out Saturday do to some mechanicals on the bike and Kevin ended up 20th. Then Sunday we both had a better day on the bike, though both of us threw out the race had one of our shoes come off while dismounting/remounting. But in the end we ended up 11th and 12th and had a great time.Another thing keeping us busy in our cross clinic that we put on a couple weeks ago. The local Western slope junior team out in Silt about an hour East of Junction asked Kevin and I if we could help them with a clinic. So we drove out there and had about 10 kids to work with. We tought them the basics of everything and helped them pratice it all together. Afterwords we had a nice course set up for them to practice it all. All the kids did really well and love cross. Now when we see them at races the are always asking us for adivce and thanking us for our help. We do plain on going back up and doing some more clinics.

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