Friday, October 05, 2007

Yannick's first win of the season

Below is soon to be 14-yr old Yannick Eckmann's race report from his first win of the season, last Sunday's Red Rocks CX #1 cat 4 event:

I didn't have a good start, but by the first barrier I was in first place and went through the
sand pit in first also. After the sand pit I knew that I had a little gap because Zack kind of
slowed the chase group down in the sand and helped me stay out front. From that point on I went for two laps as fast as I could.

Once I was about a minute ahead, I slowed down a little bit to recover and make sure I wasn't going to blow up, and to be more careful so I wouldn't get a flat tire on the course. Every lap I seemed to have a bigger gap, probably because I really liked the singletrack trails and the sand section at the bottom of the hill which I was able to ride through pretty easily.

Luckily I had enough of a lead to be careful on the last lap. After the race I was really tired though!

by Yannick Eckmann

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