Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Boulder CX #1 and Red Rocks Cross #1

This past weekend was a double header on the front range. Saturday was the classic Boulder Research Park race. Loose, technical course with lots of turns and a good road stretch through the parking lot. Out of the gates, Danny and I opened up a gap, with Alex Coehlo right on our wheels. Coehlo was running way too little pressure and had to swap out is rig for one with more pressure. After a lap Brandon Dwight of Boulder Cycle Sport was with us as well. The 3 of us worked together, trying to put time on the others. After a few laps, Coehlo made contact again and we were back to 4. Brandon threw down a big attack and rode all the young ones off his wheel. I just lost contact with Danny and Alex. In the end I faded and finished 5th. Alex got 2nd and Danny 3rd. Team CLIF BAR helped make the event Zero Waste by with 3 recycling/composting stations around the venue! Thanks to BoulderRacing for stepping up and leading the way for the local 'cross scene to become more sustainable! The CLIF BAR Development Team is proud to work with Eco-Cycle in helping the BoulderRacing Cyclo-Cross Series move towards Zero Waste.

Sunday was a new venue in Bear Creek State Park. Cool course, again, loose and technical. Not very many parts to throw down the hammer and gap anyone. Out of the start, Danny and I rocketed up the start hill and bunny hopped the barrier right before the sand pit. The crowd was digging it. After a few laps, the group dwindled down to 4. Two CLIF BAR riders vs. two Boulder Cycle Sport riders. I knew we had the technical advantage on the other 2, as we could hop the barriers and make up a quick few seconds, and we were railing the corners. Brandon had his teammate Chris put down a few attacks but Danny and I were able to keep it together. We were playing a little bit too much cat and mouse and another rider bridged up to us. All of a sudden it was a front group of 5. With a 4 to go, Brandon nailed a rock and flatted his $10,000 bike (you would think for that price it would have auto inflating tires or something). With one final lap remaining, the rider who bridged up (beard man) attacked through the finish. Danny and I tried to cover. Brandon's teammate Chris couldn't hang on and dropped back. At the bottom of the descent, beard man came in a little to hot and lost his chain. I told Danny to drill it. We cruised up the run-up and have a 5 second gap. Going through the barriers I passed Danny and told him "I'm feeling good and am gonna take it," and he said "go for it." I drilled the last lap, hopped the last barrier, and cruised in for the win. Danny took second. 1-2 finish for CLIF BAR. No better way to finish the race!

Check out these photo galleries for pictures of the races:
Red Rocks

Up next is the ACA Junior Cyclo-cross Camp in Winter Park, CO. The camps are a lot of fun and get a bunch of new kids into the sport...there are over 100 kids coming to camp! I can't wait.


Photo courtesy of http://crossniacs.com/

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