Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kevin and I had a chance to go and see the 11th Hour by Leonardo DiCaprio last weekend down in Grand Junctions Theater. Let’s just say it was a big eye opener, in the way that we are treating our Earth. The images that they showed of the Earth and how much it is being destroyed, was terrifying. All the solutions that he went over seemed so easy to do to change some of these environmental problem but not enough of us are doing anything about it. The things that he went over in this documentary were our challenges: Peak oil, Global Warming, clean water constraints, how far food travels to the dinner table and much more. One interesting fact that was brought up was about renewable energy. It said if we used all the technology that we have now, we could up our renewable energy by 95%. This is with simple solutions such as solar panels, wind farms, housing ect. This is just a little of what the movie was really about. It was truly a powerful movie and I suggest that if you have the chance to see it, do so.

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