Sunday, October 22, 2006

West to be major hotspot with climate change

Read an article in today's Denver Post summarizing a recent NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research - based in Boulder) study. This study looked at the predictions of 9 different climate change models through the year 2099.

Well, it doesn't look good, unless you think a "wild ride," as the lead author called it, sounds fun.

The Western US was earmarked as a hotspot that will get the worst of weather extremes: more extended droughts, heavier rainfalls, and longer heat waves.

For more specifics about these alarming extremes, see the predicted data from some other models and studies presented at the Conference to Look at Climate Change in Durango earlier this month, as reported in this Denver Post article.

Another article notes that according to a Pew Center on Global Climate Change study, Colorado is a trigger state - having emerged as a leader in renewable energy development, and introducing ballot initiatives to support renewable energy - meaning other states will follow our lead.

Start with your own small community, bike racing here in your part, START LOCAL COOLING. Making up a significant portion of Colorado voters, cyclists can make a difference in supporting renewable energy ballot initiatives...START COLORADO COOLING! this will help Colorado remain a leader in renewable energy development, and influence other states to fight climate change as well...START AMERICA COOLING...once the White House finally realizes that the entire country cares about global warming, we can catch up to the rest of the world and pitch in to START GLOBAL COOLING!

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