Thursday, October 26, 2006

Environmentally-relevant CAR articles from NY Times

Yesterday the NY Times put out a special Auto section - so here's a selection of the environmentally-relevant articles (as well as some older articles gleaned from the Auto section of their website).

- Road test: author takes director of Sierra Club's global warming program on a test drive of the new Hummer H3...around his own neighborhood!

- Inner conflict: love of muscle cars with big engines Vs. green feelings and techie admiration for the hybrid

- Update on plug-in hybrid technology: increasing fuel-efficiency by running engine on battery power alone for first 40 miles.

- Biodiesel industry taking off; supported by Barack Obama; Renewable Energy Group receives largest to date equity investment in biofuels, at $100 million.

- New high-efficiency/low-emissions diesel engines (already available in Europe) set for US debut in 07/08 (Mercedes...several SUVs) and within the next 3 yrs (Honda).

- Want to fuel up with E-85, the corn-based fuel blend used in FlexFuel vehicles? Better live in the Midwest!

- What's a PZEV? Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle. Your parked car, engine not running, emits more pollution than driving around in a PZEV, thanks to the improved pollution control system. These specially-equipped models from Chevy, Ford, Honda and Volvo are already for sale in CA, soon in the Northeast (though hardly marketed, suprise).

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