Monday, October 23, 2006

Tejay Time

Hey there cyclo-cross fans,

So I have been kind of easing into the cross season this year due to a long road season and my first semester of college. I took a much needed break after Junior Road Worlds, I've been riding now for about three weeks. As soon as I got back on the bike I got sick and had to skip Gloucester.

Now everything is fine, and hopefully it stays that way. Im starting to feel good on the bike again, the legs seem to be comming back slowly but surely. I just raced a Boulder cyclo-cross series race last weekend and got 7th (not too bad for a roadie). This was a vast improvement to my first race of the season where I was almost lapped. Hopefully I can continue to progress and bring some good form into the Boulder USGP races, perhaps I can be in the mix with the rest of the U-23 folks.

Aside from racing, Petrov the Panther (aka Peter Stetina) and I are going to try and set up a visit to Preston Junior High in Fort Collins. We are hoping to talk about global cooling, Clif Bar, and cycling as an alternate mode of transportation. Stay tuned for an update on how that goes.

Until next time,


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